24 September 2015

50 Things on My Bucket List

1. Skydiving
2. White water rafting
3. Own a puffer fish
4. Own my own house
5. Go horse riding
6. Learn to be a great cook
7. Walk on the golden gate bridge
8. Carve a pumpkin
9. Swim in a waterfall
10. Make Macaroons from scratch
11. Try Haggis
12. Stay in the Ice Hotel
13. Own a huge aquarium 
14. Fly first class
15. Walk on the Great Wall
16. Swimming with dolphins
17. Go parachuting
18. Visit Stone Henge
19. Name a Star
20. Learn how to ride a bike
21. Learn how to scuba dive
22. Go to Coachella
23. Represent New Zealand for shooting
24.  Have a library in my house
25. Learn how to snowboard
26. Learn how to ski
27. Let go of a floating lantern
28. Get my Private Pilots Licence
29. Write a book (and finish it)
30. Own a pug dog
31. Go to Disneyland
32. Travel to Tokyo
33. Sleep under the stars
34. Build a ginger bread house
35. Watch turtles hatch
36. Go shark cage diving
37. Go Whale watching
38. Learn how to surf
39. See the northern lights
40. Go on a safari
41. Get a tattoo
42. See something at the Olympic games
43. Spend a night in a tree house
44. Go on a cruise
45. Start a tradition together
46. Go on a road trip
47. Have my dream job
48. Stay in an over water hotel
49. Go para-sailing
50. Start a blog

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